17th Tactical Battalion
17th Tactical
Motto "Like Spiders, We Take Care of It"
Division Spetsnaz logo SGB
Commanding officer Colonel Leonid Vilkov

Headquarters and communications brigade formed as a counter-terrorist and intelligence unit. They have employed chemical agents in hostage rescue operations and are capable of functioning in an NBC environment.

Battalion BonusEdit

Artillery: -5% Damage, +10% HP

Unit RosterEdit

5 Platoons of Wolves (Riflemen)

4 Platoons of Bears (Combat Engineers)

1 BTR-112 Cockroach Transport units

4 T-100 Ogre Tank units

6 KV-20 Zhukov Artillery units

4 Ka-65 Howler Gunships units

1 MAZ-660 King Spider Command Vehicle

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