A-20 Razorback
Origin USA United States
Role Ground Attack Plane
Manufacturer Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
Boeing Defense, Space & Security
Primary user Joint Strike Force
General characteristics
Crew 1
Length 62.1 ft (18.92 m)
Height 16.8 ft (5.08 m)
Loaded weight 25 tons
Armament 20 mm M61A2 Vulcan
1,000 lb (450 kg) JDAM
Engine F119-PW-100 Engine

The F/A-20 Razorback is a ground attack plane in use by the United States Joint Strike Force.


The F/A-20 Razorback is essentially an F-22 fighter that has been up-armored to enhance survivability as a ground attack fighter. While the additional armor makes the F/A-20 less than ideal for dog fighting, it is a highly capable bomber and strike craft.

In GameEdit

Its weaponry used on selected targets varies by the Air Strike level you have.

  • Air Strike 1 will result in F/A-20's bearing down on enemy forces with a strafing run.
  • Air Strike 2 will have F/A-20's fire air-to-surface missiles.
  • Air Strike 3 will use Laser Guided Bombs, devastating to vehicles and infantry in a large radius.

Remember, airstrikes do not damage shields; they bypass shields and directly damage an enemy unit.



  • The Razorback is the second aircraft to carry the designation A-20. The first was the twin engined Douglas A-20 Havoc, which flew from the Second World War up until the Vietnam conflict.
  • A Razorback is a wild boar native to the Southern United States.
  • The F/A-20 looks remarkably similar to the F-22 Raptor, though its mission profile is drastically different (ground attack as opposed to air superiority).
  • The Razorback also appears as a pilotable aircraft in Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.

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