An example of an airstrike.

The air strike is a support that allows the player to call a group of fighters to attack the enemy directly. When called, a squadron of strike fighters from the player's faction will fly from behind the friendly deployment zone across the map, dropping their payload on target. The closer the target is to the friendly DZ, the faster the air strike will hit. Air strikes can inflict friendly fire if friendlies are too close to the target. An unshielded target will take more damage from air strikes.

Like most mission supports there are three levels of air strikes which can developed in the barracks, though higher levels will be unavailable in battles until the player upgrades that level's number of uplinks to Air Support.

Air strike one generally can destroy one unit's shields or damage it to half health.

Air strike two generally can destroy one unit in full health and with shields up.

Air strike three generally can destroy two units in full health and with shields up.

Air Strikes of separate FactionsEdit

Enforcer CorpsEdit

  1. 4 x Eurofighter Hailstorm with THEL's
  2. 4 x Eurofighter Hailstorm with Air to Surface missiles
  3. 4 x Eurofighter Hailstorm with Guided High Energy Bomb

Joint Strike ForceEdit

  1. 4 x A-20 Razorback with Gatling guns
  2. 4 x A-20 Razorback with Air-to-Surface missiles
  3. 4 x A-20 Razorback with laser-guided M.O.A.B.'s

Spetsnaz Guard BrigadesEdit

  1. 4 x Su-38 Slamhound with rockets
  2. 4 x Su-38 "Slamhound" with Air-to-Surface missiles
  3. 4 x Su-38 "Slamhound" with cluster bombs


  • An Air Strike could be stopped with Electronic Warfare, though the player must spot the strike fighters early through the use of a spotting unit on the opponent's corner of the map, and the target must be far enough away that the air strike takes longer than the EMP.
  • The first Air Strike-level is available for free at the Barracks
  • Every level of Air Strike can destroy up to one extra vehicle/squad per level.

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