Alexander Brendt
Motto "Without air defense there is no national defense."
Nationality Flag of the United States svg American
Organization AFD-081120-041 US Air Force


Division JointStrikeForce Joint Strike Force
Infantry battalion 12th Fighter Squadron
Unit Brendt symbol A30 Bobcat
Rank Cpt Captain
Appearances EndWar Online
One of the best pilots in the Air Force, Brendt flew covert missions with the elite HAWX Air Combat Squadron until the unit was disbanded and its members reassigned to new units after the creation of the JSF. Brendt was assigned a flight leader position with the 12th Fighter Squadron, flying in support of the 22nd Tactical Battalion. During the war, Brendt and his flight became famous for low-level airstrikes against hardened enemy targets, using the terrain to shield them from missile fire. Brendt flew hundreds of sorties over Europe during both invasions, and performed precision airstrikes against targets deep inside Russia in the final months of the war. After returning to the US after the destruction of DC, Brendt and his pilots now fly out of Langley Air Force Base, his former home as a member of HAWX.

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