Андрей Лазарев
Nationality Russia Russian
Division Spetsnaz logo Spetsnaz
Infantry battalion 565th Mobile Artillery Regiment
Unit Lazarev symbol KV-22 Katyusha
Appearances EndWar Online
Speed and power were the foundations of Russian military doctrine prior to World War III, and Lazarev's 565th Mobile Artillery Company were experts at both. Tasked with providing artillery support for the Russian Army's fast-moving armored brigades, Lazarev's company would follow along just behind the armored spearheads, pausing only long enough to fire a quick barrage and then racing on to the next firing point. Lazarev's unit was one of the first to be equipped with the advanced KV-22 Katyusha self-propelled guns, giving them greater accuracy and hitting power than any other Russian artillery unit in the Cauldron.