Battlegroup 16
Battlegroup 16
Motto "Death to Tyrants"
Division EWO Enforcer Corps
Commanding officer Colonel Thierry Dubois

On permanent readiness, Battlegroup 16 operational units are self-contained to enable them to be deployed anywhere to conduct military operations, ranging from peacekeeping to full-scale war.

Battalion BonusesEdit

Engineers: +10% Damage, -5% HP

Unit RosterEdit

4 Platoons Kommandos (Riflemen)

6 Platoons Grenadiers (Combat Engineers)

4 Panther 1A3 (Tanks) Platoons

6 AMZ-26 Badger (Transports) Platoons

2 AMZ-50 Marksman (Artillery) Platoons

2 PAH-6 Cheetah (Gunships) Squadrons

1 LV-20 Charlemagne (Command Vehicle)

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