Борис Скобелев
Nationality Russia Russian
Division Spetsnaz logo Spetsnaz
Infantry battalion 302nd Air Defense Regiment
Unit Skobelev symbol BTR-116 Mantis
Appearances EndWar Online
Boris Skobelev earned the Medal of Suvorov for his actions during the invasion of Gibraltar, when his unit, the 302nd Air Defense Company, fought off waves of Eurofed strike planes and gunships attempting to strike the airborne force's vulnerable landing zones. Skobelev took charge of his AAV company after his commanding officer was killed and kept the unit in action, ultimately shooting down 32 enemy aircraft and ensuring the success of the operation. The company was one of the first to be equipped with the more advanced BTR-116 Mantis Anti-Aircraft vehicles, which they put to deadly use during the long retreat across Europe.