C1A5 Archon
C1A5 Archon
Origin USA United States
Role Command Vehicle
Manufacturer General Dynamics Land Systems
Primary user Joint Strike Force
General characteristics
Crew 4
Length 38.2 ft (11.63 m)
Width 13.0 ft (3.96 m)
Height 12.7 ft (3.83 m)
Loaded weight 22 tons
Armament 20mm chaingun
Engine 2x 600hp Hybrid Engines

The C1A5 Archon is a command vehicle in use by the United States Joint Strike Force.


Knowledge is power. This is especially true on the battlefields of 2020. Having a command and control vehicle like the C1A5 Archon on the ground boosts efficiency as well as morale and gives the commander a stronger link to his forces as well as adding the ability to initiate a SITREP. The Archon can also deploy a small compliment of armed sentry drones and an armed airborne hunter-killer UAV known as the Scryer.

Tech CommentaryEdit

C1A5 Archons can provide a valuable tactical edge on the battlefield. Each one of these high-tech vehicles is equipped with a dizzying array of computers, sensors, and other tools for information gathering and distribution. The Archon is a one-stop shop for all C5ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Combat Systems, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) needs. Placing a C1A5 on the ground will give commanders drastically enhanced battlefield awareness and allows for the detection of traps and stealth units.

Archons are also capable of deploying PD-6 Rottweiler sentry drones and an MQ-3 Scryer hunter-killer UAV. Rottweilers are armed with a 6.8 minigun while Scryers are armed with guided multipurpose missiles. Even when it's on its own an Archon isn't really alone. For close-range defense Archons are equipped with a 20mm remotely-operated chaingun.

C1A5s are powered by twin hybrid engines, with one engine powering each tread. A special system is in place which allows both treads to be powered by a single engine if one is damaged or disabled. While its sentry drones and UAV are effective at protecting the Archon, it is not designed to be a front-line combat vehicle and can be an easy target for enemy units if left unsupported.

Archon Upgrades Edit


  • ARV missile: Increases PD-6 drone damage. Cost 100,000CR


  • Point Defense: Increases close range defensive firepower. Cost 100,000CR
  • Composite armor: Increases Hit Points. Cost 300,000CR
  • Electric armor: Increases HP. Cost 900,000CR
  • Active defense: Increases shield durability. Cost 1,200,000CR


  • Hydrogen cells: Improves movement speed. Cost 100,000CR
  • Power unit: Improves movement speed. Cost 300,000CR


  • Stealth detection: Detects all stealth LOS. Cost 100,000CR
  • Scryer: Enables deployment of an unarmed UAV. Cost 300,000CR
  • Hunter killer: Upgrades UAV to wield missiles. Cost 900,000CR
  • Trap detection: Detects all enemy minefields within LOS. Cost 1,200,000CR

Archon callsigns Edit

Archon callsigns tend to reference crime syndicates.

  • The Don
  • Mr Big
  • Yakuza
  • CrimeBoss
  • Daymio
  • Scion
  • Kingpin
  • Scarface


  • The C1A5 is the only tracked command vehicle.
  • Archon is a Greek word that means ruler or lord.


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