Cedric Ferguson
Nationality Flag of the United States svg American
Division JointStrikeForce Joint Strike Force
Infantry battalion 16th Armored Battalion
Unit Ferguson symbol M6 Anderson
Appearances EndWar Online

A Light Infantry Officer by training, Ferguson served as a team leader with the top-secret Ghost Recon Teams for many years, until the formation of the Joint Strike Force saw the unit disbanded and the team members re-assigned to new posts in various JSF special battalions. Initially assigned to the elite 15th Airborne Battalion, Ferguson saw action as a company commander throughout the war, taking part in some of the JSF's most dangerous missions. Ferguson was seriously wounded during the extraction of Task Force Wolverine near the middle of the war, and was temporarily reassigned to training duties at Fort Bragg during his recovery period. When Falkenberg's Legion invaded New York the following year, the military was caught unprepared, and as losses mounted, there was a desperate shortage of experienced officers at the front. As soon as he was declared fit for field duty, Ferguson was reassigned to command Bravo Troop, part of the 16th Armored Battalion, and sent into action at Newark. Since then, Ferguson has led the unit with great skill and distinction, helping to secure the federal territories in the wake of the collapse. His professionalism and coolness under fire is legendary, and many times has meant the difference between victory and defeat for his troops.