Copenhagen map
Location Denmark, European Federation
Game Tom Clancy's EndWar
Siege of Copenhagen
Copenhagen is the home of the European Federation's northern fleets. From this naval base the Federation can project all necessary forces to defend the North Sea sector and the vital Baltic Sea pipelines. The latter is curious as most of these pipelines lead to hostile Russia.

In EndWarEdit

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. It was the site of a major international incident in 2020. It was the site of the attempted abduction of European Federation Defense Minister François Pulain by the Joint Strike Force. An unknown phone call from Russia got the Europeans informed about the American plot and they trapped the American black ops sent to extract Pulain team in the city. The JSF sent reinforcements to the city and held off the Enforcer Corps for a short time, but the Enforcers retook the city hours later and the Americans were forced to release Pulain and withdraw.

Assault & Conquest missionsEdit

Copenhagen Assault

The key to this map is to secure the two central uplinks at Bravo and Lima. Position defenders near them and also secure the two uplinks near your deployment zone. Even if your opponent crashes one of your uplinks, you still have three of the five remaining, so the victory counter will keep going. If you are deploying in the south, try to rush some units up to the towers along the wall north of the park in the center to cover the only two routes the northern force can move through to get to the central part of the map. Try playing this mission with lots of infantry with a bit of support from transports and artillery.

Uplinks Bravo and Lima, in the grassy area in the middle of the map, are good locations for a new deployment zone, allowing you to drop your

The northern and southern uplinks (such as Foxtrot, shown here) are near several buildings. Infantry garrisoned in nearby structures can defend them. Also use your own infantry to secure hostile uplinks in these areas in order to clear out hostile defenders.

Use a squad of engineers to defend at Bravo or Lima. The nearby woods provide some protection. Make sure your troops take cover right at the uplinks so they can engage any enemy units that approach.