Rods from God

The Rods from God platform


The EF Laser Satellite

Nuke Launcher

Russian WMD transport

In EndWar, when one side is losing, that side's government authorizes the use of Crashing of an Uplink and WMD usage.

Crashing wipes away an uplink of the user's choice that is under enemy control through an EMP surge, and though the uplink is still controlled by the enemy any upgrades are neutralized and the uplink does not count towards victory conditions; crashing an uplink can only be used once per battle.

WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction) are extremely powerful and destructive attacks that will wipe out enemies and allies in their blast radius, once the losing side has used its WMD the winning side is allowed to retaliate with their own. WMDs are reusable but recharge at a very slow rate. Each faction has it's own WMD which all function exactly the same and are only different in aesthetics. The USA has a Kinetic Strike launched from a orbiting satellite also known as "Rods from God", the European Federation uses lasers fired from a satellite, while the Russian Federation uses missiles with thermobaric "tactical nukes" shot from mobile platforms on the ground.