Дмитрий Павличенко
Motto "War is change. Death is optional."
Nationality Russia Russian
Organization Russian AF Russian Air Force
Division Spetsnaz logo Spetsnaz
Infantry battalion 379th Attack Gunship Regiment
Unit Pavlichenko symbol KA-65 Howler
Rank Russian AF Captain Captain
Appearances EndWar Online
Pavlichenko commands a flight of KA-65 Howlers in the 379th Attack Helicopter Squadron, a small but powerful unit assembled from the remnants of several decimated helicopter battalions and pressed into service to defend the motherland from its enemies. Though young, Pavlichenko is a strong leader and a gifted pilot, and has already earned a large number of kills fighting the Red Banner Army and the tanks of the Directorate. His unit is equipped with laser-guided ATGM's, which allow his gunships to target enemy armor at long range.

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