EC 220 Gadfly
EC 220 Gadfly
Origin Europe European Federation
Role Infantry Transport Aircraft
Manufacturer NHIndustries
Primary user Enforcer Corps
General characteristics
Crew 2
Length 52.1 ft (16.1 m)
Width 84.7 ft (25.8 m)
Height 17.2 ft (5.23 m)
Loaded weight 10 tons
Engine 2 × Rolls-Royce Turbomeca RTM322-01/9 turboshaft

The EC 220 Gadfly is an infantry transport helicopter in use by the European Federation's Enforcer Corps.


Built by the same company that makes the PAH-6 Cheetah, the whimsically-named Gadfly is a reliable light transport helicopter that can endure harsh weather conditions and is surprisingly nimble for its size. Its unique engine can run either hydrogen or fossil fuels.

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The EC-220 Gadly is a modernized version of the NH-90.

The NH-90 was produced by NHIndustries which was a helicopter manufacturing company established by Eurocopter. This transport helicopter was developed by several countries from Europe; such as France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Finland (members of the EFEC). The NH-90 was then ordered and delivered to several countries around the world. 

It is assumed that after the dismemberment of NATO , the NH-90 became the main transport helicopter of European Federation countries. The choice was obvious and several EF manufacturers made adjustments and improvements to the existing aircraft, to further its performance. 

Though it is not as versatile as the V-25 (due to the lack of a modern Tiltrotor), its engine makes it a faster and more reliable platform for transporting troops across the battlefields. The Gadfly has an FCR (fire control radar) that incorporates an RFI (radar frequency interferometer) , like several attack helos. This allows for a passive location and identification of radar-emitting threats. Technology that other factions' air transports do not use.

The EC-220 Gadfly and the  EC-660 Whirlwind both seem to have the same type of rotors and engines, as well as forth gear ; all for the exception of the FCR. 

Size is quite obviously another notable difference.


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