Paris Main Uplink upgraded to provide Electronic Warfare support

Electronic warfare is a non-DEFCON-1 mission support. It fires Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) bursts at a target selected by the player. They must be purchased in the barracks, then allocated by upgrading one or multiple uplinks. The burst will drop a target's shields and prevent it from moving for the duration of the EMP's effect.


Electronic warfare one fires one EMP burst on one target vehicle, while disrupting the enemy's minimap. This is in effect for about 10 seconds.

Electronic warfare two fires a directed EMP burst on one target vehicle, although it may affect other enemy vehicles if close enough. It also disrupts the minimap. Effect time is double that of electronic warfare one. Requires two upgraded uplinks.

Electronic warfare three fires a high intensity EMP burst on one targeted vehicle, while the radius is large enough to envelope a few other vehicles in the burst. It disrupts the minimap like it's other variants. Effect time is double that of Electronic warfare two. Requires three upgraded uplinks.

Electronic warfare bursts allow hidden targets to be revealed for a brief period of time. Any affected targets will remain revealed until the EMP effect wears off.

Infantry units are immune to the effects of electronic warfare. The only effect of the support on infantry is revealing the unseen unit's location. Rifleman will lose their camouflage ability while Engineers remain completely unaffected.

Using Electronic Warfare on vehicles allow an outmatched force to damage or defeat a tougher unit. Once the target is immobilized it is vulnerable to all forms of damage and is unable to defend itself allowing the combined forces of artillery, engineer, and other local units to quickly eliminate foes. Outmatched forces can also make a quick retreat out of the area to allow a better suited unit to counter-attack.

Electronic Warfare of separate FactionsEdit

Enforcer CorpsEdit

  • 1 - Small Electromagnetic Pulse. Launched from a nearby EFEC base. (450'000 CR)

EFEC EW Antenna


  • 2 - Medium Electromagnetic Pulse. Launched from a high altitude Shadow EFEC base (1'250'000 CR)

EFEC EW Shadow Base

  • 3 - Large Electromagnetic Pulse. Missile Based EMP strike (2'900'000 CR) 

EFEC EMP missile

Joint Strike Force

  • 1 - Small Electromagnetic Pulse. Electronic Interference from a nearby E-3B/C Sentry  (450'000 CR)

E-3B/C Sentry

  • 2 - Medium Electromagnetic Pulse. Advanced Electronic Interference and Disruptions provided by a nearby E-3B/C Sentry  (1'250'000 CR)

Close-up view of the E-3B/C Sentry's radar/jamming system

  • 3 - Large Electromagnetic Pulse. Energy-based EMP strike provided by a stealth aircraft (2'900'000 CR) 

Unknown Stealth Special-Electronics-Missions Aircraft

Spetsnaz Guard BrigadesEdit

  • 1 - Small Electromagnetic Pulse. Provided by a EW-specialized Tunguska. (450'000 CR)

Electronics Interference Tunguska

  • 2 - Medium Electromagnetic Pulse. High Tech systems hacking from SGB headquarters.(1'250'000 CR)

Russian Hacker from SGB headquarters

  • 3 - Large Electromagnetic Pulse. Provided by an improved EW-specialized TOS-1 Buratino. (2'900'000 CR) 

EMP artillery-specialized Buratino

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