The European Federation Army deploys regular troops alongside the Enforcer Corps. These soldiers are equipped with combat helmets, BDU uniforms and FAMAS assault rifles.


European Soldier
The European Army is under the command of Troop Command Europa (TCE) and the soldiers are likely from the various members of the European Union who joined the Federation.

In GameEdit

European Enforcer Corps commanders can call in European forces by upgrading an uplink to have force recon. The European troops will then deploy to the battlefield in MOWAG Eagle jeeps. They are considered Rifleman units, and share their strengths and weaknesses.

  • At force recon two, a tank platoon of Leopard 2 tanks will also arrive alongside the troops and drones.
  • At force recon three, two regular armed platoons as well as two tank platoons will arrive.

The European Army also sends a large group of riflemen onto every battlefield.


Known Units utilized by European Federation Army

  • European soldiers equipped with FAMAS assault rifles and standard combat fatigues.
  • MOWAG Eagle
  • Leopard 2 MBT

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