François Pulain
Nationality France French
Occupation European Federation's Defense Minister European Federation's Defense Minister

François Pulain is the European Federation's Defense Minister. He was accused by the United States for funding the Forgotten Army with modern military equipment (Known to the player only, the Russians funded these false-flag operations and then planted false evidence against the defense minister).

After the terrorist attacks on April 4th, the United States found "conclusive evidence" that he was the mastermind of these attacks, and suspected that Europe was conspiring to prevent the completion of the Freedom Star. An American black ops were sent to silently kidnap Pulain while he was in Copenhagen and bring him out for interrogation. But the mission ultimately failed when the Russians overheard the Americans and alerted the Euros, resulting in the American extraction team being trapped, who were then reinforced by a JSF strike team which then occupied the city, but were later driven out by the Euros. The JSF was forced to exchange Pulain for safe passage out of Denmark.