Ft. Levski

Ft. Levski is a Russian Federation army base Located in the Pleven Province in northern Bulgaria and is within Russian territory. The base houses the Spetsnaz Guard Brigades' underground headquarters complex. The complex entrance can be found built into the cliffs of the southeast corner of the base.]


Fort Levski serves as a staging base for the Spetsnaz Guard Brigades' Force Recon ability, raiding the base will remove their ability to use this ability in any nearby conflicts for two turns. Fort Levski serves as both a Raid and Conquest location.


Fort Levski was an important location in the third book of the Endwar series, The Missing.

The Fort serves as a massive Federation Army base, boasting a garrison of several hundred artillery pieces, tanks, aircraft, IFVs and thousands of supporting infantry. The outer perimeter was heavily guarded by dozens of watchtowers, sniper nests, bunkers and observation posts.

The Spetsnaz headquarters, referred to as "the Black Mountain", is a massive underground complex. Built to withstand attacks from bunker busters, nuclear weapons and even the US Kinetic Strike, Spetnsaz HQ was a hardened underground facility. Accessible by a guarded entrance within the mountainside, the tunnel from the entrance to the facility motor pool, which maintained dozens of BMPs, Cockroach IFVs, and other vehicles, was roughly half a kilometer in length. Deeper within the mountain rested the facility's administration and command facilities, an infirmary, living quarters, research facilities, and prison and interrogation facilities whose infamy had given rise to the facility's name.

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