Jamal Hendricks
Nationality Flag of the United States svg American
Division JointStrikeForce Joint Strike Force
Infantry battalion 3rd Special Reconnaissance Detachment
Unit Hendricks symbol MH-90 Navaho
Appearances EndWar Online
Major Hendricks was an officer in the United States Army before joining the CIA and becoming an Intelligence Specialist. Before the war, Hendricks was brought over from the CIA into Fourth Echelon, a highly classified intelligence and counterterrorism unit reporting only to the President. Hendricks served as a field agent with Fourth Echelon for several years, becoming a leading expert in drone operations, and was inserted into Finland when the war began to gather intelligence on European (and later Russian) military operations. During the first invasion of Europe, Hendricks and his unit, the 3rd Special Reconnaissance Detachment, was seconded to the JSF in support of military operations. Shifting their focus to Germany and the Netherlands, Hendricks's unit provided crucial intelligence to Task Force Wolverine, allowing them to stay one stem ahead of Enforcer Corps attacks. Hendricks continued to serve with the JSF through the remainder of the war, though his ties to Fourth Echelon remain strong.