James Ellison
Nationality Flag of the United States svg American
Division JointStrikeForce Joint Strike Force
Infantry battalion 3rd Fighter Squadron
Unit Ellison symbol F-36 Thunderbolt II
Appearances EndWar Online
James Ellison began the war as a Sergeant in the US Army Special Forces, taking part in high-risk, covert missions against Russian forces that cost him a great many of his former friends and team-mates. Seriously wounded during a mission against Russian forces in Alberta, Canada, Ellison was sent back to the US to recover from his wounds, and was in Maryland when the Enforcer Corps invaded the country. A trained pilot, Ellison was hastily reassigned to the 3rd Fighter Squadron, part of the JSF's 22nd Tactical Battalion. Ellison quickly rose through the ranks, receiving a filed commission and eventually becoming troop commander during the US counteroffensive to retake New York near the end of the war. Ellison was able to apply his infantry experience to his new assignment and become a highly effective commander, one highly respected by the soldiers on the ground.