James Wolfe
Nationality Flag of the United States svg American
Division JointStrikeForce Joint Strike Force
Infantry battalion 8th Assault Battalion
Unit Wolfe symbol M404 Artemis
Appearances EndWar Online
Known in the Ghost teams as "30K", Wolfe served as an elite light infantry operator for years before reassignment to the JSF. Serving during the war in the 15th Special Operations Battalion, Wolfe was seriously injured by a grenade during an operation against European forces in the Netherlands. Though eventually Wolfe recovered from his injuries, the extent of the damage disqualified him from further special operations missions. Though offered an honorable discharge, Wolfe was determined to remain in the military, and chose reassignment to Alpha Battery, 8th Assault Battalion. During the second invasion of Europe, Wolfe received a field commission and rose to command the battery. His dedication to supporting his brothers and sisters in the field has earned him the admiration of the troops at the front, even though it means exposing the unit to greater danger from enemy artillery and airstrikes.