KV-20 Zhukov
KV-20 Zhukov
Origin Russia Russian Federation
Role Self-propelled artillery
Manufacturer Uraltransmash
Primary user Spetsnaz Guard Brigades
General characteristics
Crew 3
Length 38.3 ft (11.7 m)
Width 11.48 ft (3.50 m)
Height 7.4 ft (2.30 m)
Armament Dual 152mm Howitzers

The KV-20 is the Spetsnaz Guards artillery piece of choice. Named after Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov, the KV-20 is considered to be crude, but highly effective. Ostensibly designed and built by the MAZ automobile works, the same bureau responsible for the MAZ-7310, the primary TEL for SCUD missiles. The Spetsnaz Guards opted for the traditional cannon over the missiles and rockets traditionally prefered by the Russian/Soviet Armies due to the greater fire rate, and increased accuracy of artillery over rockets. The KV-20 self-propelled artillery piece is also upgradeable to fire chemical rounds and also mount an extra barrel compared to the artillery of the EFEC and the United State's JSF.



  • Cannon Barrel: Increases range. Cost 100,000 CR
  • Chemical Shell: Unlocks special attack: Fire Thermobarics. Fires Thermobaric 152mm shells at target, has good damage and can bypass shielding. Cost 300,000 CR
  • Bunker Buster Shell: Increases damage. Cost 900,000 CR
  • Stabilizer: Increases range. Cost 1,200,00 CR
  • D.U. Shells: Increases damage. Cost 1,500,000 CR
  • Sensor Fuzed bomblet: Increases damage. Cost 1,800,000 CR


  • Armor plate: Increases HP. Cost 100,000 CR
  • Infrared Jammer: Increases shield durability. Cost 300,000 CR
  • Reactive armor: Increases HP. Cost 900,000 CR
  • ARENA Active Defense: Increases shield durability. Cost 1,200,000 CR
  • Ceramic Armor: Increases HP significatly. Cost 1,500,000 CR


  • Power unit: Increases movement speed. Cost 100,000 CR

Zhukov callsignsEdit

Zhukov callsigns are named after religious or natural catastrophies and some other themes from heavy explosive weapons:

  • Firebolt
  • Deluge
  • Maelstrom
  • Circus Cannon
  • God's Wrath
  • Firestorm
  • Shockwave
  • Boombear
  • Steelcry
  • Sledgehammer


  • The vehicle is named for Marshal Georgy Zhukov, the most decorated officer in Russian military history, the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Soviet Military, and Commander of the Red Army forces at just about every major battle on the Eastern Front in World War II.
  • The KV designation was originally used during the Second World War (known as the Great Patriotic War in all of the former Soviet Republics) for a series of staggeringly effective early-war heavy tanks, with KV-2 mounting a 152 mm anti-fortification howitzer. The KV stood for Kliment Voroshilov, another Soviet marshal and an esteemed politician of the Interbellum period, fairly widely used as a propaganda figure.
  • Soviet and Russian artillery systems are distinguished by their GRAU index (e.g. 2S19 "MSTA-S") and rarely have additional designations (compare 6P20, otherwise known as AK-74).
  • A project for a Russian dual self-propelled howitzer did exist, the 2S35 "Coalition-SV", but it had an over-and-under design and a tracked chassis borrowed from either the existing MSTA-S or the expected T-95 (which has been cancelled).