La Mancha
La Mancha map
Location Spain, European Federation
Game Tom Clancy's EndWar
La Mancha

La Mancha is an arid elevated plateau of the central Spain, south of the capital Madrid. It houses the largest wind power plant in the European Federation.

Assault and Conquest missionsEdit

The two central uplinks at Delta and Foxtrot are key to this battlefield. Quickly send troops to secure both of them to form a line across the center of the map, then pick up the two on your side. Expect to lose one of the center uplinks during DEFCON. However, if you can hold onto the other along with your two in the back, you will still have enough to win during a conquest mission. Due to the terrain, artillery can be very effective. Position it behind one of the hills and use other units to spot for it.

Since infantry are extremely vulnerable in the open terrain throughout this battlefield, use transports to get them quickly and safely to their destination.

If the enemy has secured Delta, and has several units in the center to guard it, send your infantry in on foot from the north since vehicles can traverse the rock-strewn northern slope leading up to the castle.

If you have high-level air support, you can really hurt the enemy with air strikes. Use them on artillery or tanks that are causing damage to your force.

Enemy artillery can be tough to find if they are hiding behind hills. Send in your tanks to deal with it. However, instead of engaging the artillery at long range, order your tanks to move in right next to the artillery so your tanks are too close for the artillery to fire at you.