Lukas Färber
Lukas Färber
Nationality Germany German
Born November 25, 1985
Organization Ghost-Recon-Logo Ghosts

European Army European Army

Division EWO Enforcer Corps
Infantry battalion Battlegroup 15 (Armored)
Rank German Colonel Colonel
Appearances Tom Clancy's EndWar

Lukas Färber is a Colonel in the EFEC Battlegroup 15 during the events of EndWar. Besides this, Lukas served as heavy gunner in the German Army. He actually assisted Ghost special teams in the 2011 Korean conflict.

Background Edit

Lukas Färber grew up in the former East Germany and comes from a long line of soldiers. A little cocky and somewhat sarcastic, Färber has plenty of experience from peacekeeping deployments around the world. Färber served in Germany's 31st Airborne Brigade (Luftlandebrigade 31). Like his nation's panzer-commanding predecessors Lukas is adept at armored warfare and is a young, aggressive, but calculating commander.

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