Mi-55 Locust
Mi-55 Locust
Origin Russia Russian Federation
Role Attack helicopter with transport capabilities
Manufacturer Mil
Primary user Spetsnaz Guard Brigades
General characteristics
Crew 3
Length 57.4 ft (17.5 m)
Height 21.3 ft (6.50 m)
Loaded weight 12 tons
Armament YakB-12,7mm Gatling gun
Engine 1,700 hp Izotov TV3-177A Turboshaft Engine

The Mi-55 Locust is the SGB's infantry transport and also serves as a deep strike transport and extraction crew for disabled units.


After observing the US's UH-1 Iroqouis in service, the Soviet Military Design Bureau concluded that what was needed was a heavily armored transport helicopter, which was also capable of providing close air support to those units after dropping them off. What the Mil design bureau came up with would become an icon of the Soviet Afghan War in the same way as the UH-1 was an icon of the Vietnam War. That answer was the Mi-24 helicopter (NATO designation "Hind"). The Mi-24 was designed to be a flying tank, able to take multiple hits and enough armament to render a tank platoon combat ineffective. The Mi-55 Locust is the updated version of the Soviet classic, every bit as armed and armored as its predecessor; without the vulnerabilities of the original, which was an easy kill for Stinger missiles, and had a tendency to slice off it's own tail in tight turns.

Behind the ScenesEdit

When NATO assigned codenames to Soviet military equipment, the assigned codenames were based on the type of vehicle, helicopters were assigned codenames begining with "H" e.g. Mi-24 Hind, Mi-26 Halo, fighter jets were assigned codenames begining with "F" e.g. MiG-21 "Fishbed", MiG-29 "Fulcrum". The own Soviet nickname for Mi-24 was "Crocodile". Note: Russian Air Force members informally refer to the MiG-29 as the Fulcrum, and the Tu-95 as the Bear.

The current-issue Russian unit of this type is Mi-8MT/Mi-17 "Hip-A", with optional armament and a "bubble" cockpit. These aircraft were used by Mexican insurgents against then - Captain Mitchell in 2014.

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  • The Mi-55 is designed after the Mi-24 Hind, which was created to be a transport and attack helicopter. In EndWar, it seems to be used as a transport and evacuation helicopter. Despite that it retains the YakB-12.7 Gatling gun, it is incapable of defending itself from attack when deploying/evacuating Infantry units.

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