Nathalie Pérreau
Nathalie Pérreau
Nationality France French
Occupation French President President of European Federation

Nathalie Pérreau is the first President of the newly formed European Federation, which was founded in 2018 to consolidate economic and political power. President Pérreau was presumably President or a person of high position in the European government when the US and Europe were enacting the Space-Land-Air-Missile Shield as she can be seen signing the agreement.

News footage reveals that she responds to the allegations that Europe funded the Forgotten Army as 'preposterous' and after the war starts she introduces conscription, can investigate and commend European arms manufacturers and very late into the conflict she will suspend all news footage that is not of government origin, suggesting public outcry against the war.

She is French as her surname and accent reveals. Nathalie is also in Paris during Opening Moves, when it is attacked.