Operation: 2659 is the name of the failed Invasion of Canada by the Russian Federation.


The code 2659 is split up into halves, with 26 and 59 meaning separate things. The 26 stands for how many days the Russian Federation would give the invasion forces to take over the oil fields in Alberta.

The 59 stands for the detonation code for two nuclear weapons, one in downtown Calgary and the other in Edmonton.


The Russian Federation used the Varyag and numerous support ships to spearhead an invasion into Canada. The spearhead consisted of multiple Ka-29 helicopters and fighters. They would secure airstrips, in which Antonov cargo planes whould then land reinforcements. If the invasion forces should fail to reach thier goal, the Russian Federation would threaten the use of tactical nuclear weapons to bluff the U.S. into giving them the oil fields.

The spearhead was first picked up by an United States Air Force fighter pilot and her wingman, who proceded to hold off the helicopters and fighters. After failing however, they were both shot down, with the wingman being killed and the pilot evading enemy patrols.

The operation began as planned, but was stalled when the United States Army and Marine Corps, along with Special Operations Forces, held off the Russians, eventually pushing them out due to the trechery of Snegurochka and Green Vox. The operation was a failure, and Snegurochka tried to set off the nukes. When Snegurochka tried to detonate the nukes, they did not go off.

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