Outlaw Team is a US Marine Force Recon team consisting of six members. The team had two major missions in the novel, the first one was securing a jet which had been shot down under the ruse of it carrying GRU Colonel Pavel Doletskya. The team's second mission was to rescue Major Stephanie Halverson, a JSF pilot who had been shot down in Northern Canada.


  • SSgt McAllen (Outlaw One) team leader
  • Sgt Jones (Outlaw Two) assistant team leader.-KIA
  • Sgt Rule (Outlaw Two) assistant team leader.-Jones's replacement
  • Cpl Pallandino (Outlaw Three) team scout/sniper.
  • Cpl Szymanski (Outlaw Four} team scout.
  • L Cpl Friskis (Outlaw Five) radio operator.
  • Navy Corpsman Gutierrez (Outlaw Six) medic.

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