Robert Kaminsky
Nationality Flag of the United States svg American
Division JointStrikeForce Joint Strike Force
Infantry battalion 15th Remote Strike Squadron
Unit Kaminsky symbol MQ-3 Scryer
Appearances EndWar Online
Lieutenant Kaminsky was flying long-range reconnaissance missions from Langley with the 11th Reconnaissance Squadron when the European Federation launched their invasion of the northeast US. As local forces struggled to contain Falkenberg's Legion, Kaminsky found himself transferred to the 15th Remote Strike Squadron, equipped with a mix of MQ-3 Scryer and Reaper UCAVS. Kaminsky's squadron was rushed to the front, whose their drones were put to work were put to work hunting down Eurofed tanks and artillery units. The 15th served on the northeastern front for the rest of the war, until they were abruptly ordered back to Fort Meade just a few days before the destruction of Washington DC. Since then, Kaminsky's squadron has continued to fly reconnaissance and attack missions against both the Continental Army and Directive 31. Their MQ-3 drones are equipped with thermal imaging systems and millimetric-wave radar that can detect enemy units in even the densest terrain.