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The Space-Land-Air-Missile Shield (SLAMS) is a joint venture by the European Federation and the United States of America. It is programmed to detect and intercept greater than 99 percent of nuclear missile launches. The E.F. and the U.S. tested it by launching their nuclear arsenals at each other. The SLAMS successfully intercepted every missile. The final part of the Freedom Star was destroyed by this system after it was hijacked by the Russians. Space-based WMDs such as the Kinetic Strike and the E.F. Lasers (as this is what the EFEC use to intercept the missiles) are immune to the system as it was designed to intercept objects launched from Earth, not objects already in orbit. It is unknown why the Spetsnaz Guard Brigades Thermobaric Missile Strike, deployed via missile, in not affected by the SLAMS, although it is likely because the missile is small, short ranged and does not achieve high altitude. The Freedom Star was seen as a way for the United States of America to circumvent the system and gain a strategic advantage.

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