Степан Драчев
Nationality Russia Russian
Division Spetsnaz logo Spetsnaz
Infantry battalion Detachment 4
Unit Drachev symbol MI-X Reaver
Appearances EndWar Online
A veteran operative of VORON, a special unit in Russian military intelligence, Stepan Drachev was an expert in surveillance, intrusion and information retrieval from hardened enemy networks. As the war progressed, VORON and other Russian intelligence services began to operate variously types of drones alongside their field teams. Drachev was placed in charge of one such unit, known only as Detachment 4, and assigned to support the elite Alfa Brigade. Most of Detachment 4's mission records remain highly classified, but it is believed that the unit carried out numerous intelligence-gathering missions in Europe and possibly the US as well. It is also rumored that Drachev's drones were used to assassinate a number of political figures in the European Federation in an effort to influence anti-war factions in the government.