Степан Ушаков
Motto "In the end, everything is a target."
Nationality Russia Russian
Organization Russian Army Russian Army
Division Spetsnaz logo Spetsnaz
Infantry battalion 123rd Mobile Artillery Regiment
Unit Ushakov symbol KV-20 Zhukov
Rank Rus Captain Captain
Appearances EndWar Online
Serving in the Cauldron - the Russians' name for the battlefields of Germany and Austria during the war - Ushakov and his unit, the 123rd Mobile Artillery Company, quickly became experts at targeting enemy artillery and headquarters units by scanning for their telltale electronic emissions with their RM-17 battlefield sensor array. This tactic enabled a breakthrough near Vienna, when Ushakov's company of KV-20 self-propelled guns wiped out the headquarters of Battlegroup 14 just minutes before Russian armored units launched their spring offensive.

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