Origin Russia Russian Federation
Role Battle Tank
Manufacturer Nikolay Popov, LKZ
Primary user Forgotten Army
Russian Federation Ground Forces
General characteristics
Crew 3
Length 32.6 ft (9.90 m)
Width 11.2 ft (3.40 m)
Height 7.2 ft (2.20 m)
Loaded weight 42 tons
Armament 125 mm 2A46-2 smoothbore gun
7.62 mm PKT coax MG
Engine SG-1000 gas turbine

The T-80 is a previous-generation Main Battle Tank still in service with the Russian Federation Ground Troops.


The Russian Federation Ground Troops deploy it to back up their Spetsnaz brothers-in-arms. The Spetsnaz themselves use the more advanced T-100.

It is also used as the main battle tank of the Forgotten Army, who deploy it from beached cargo ships. It is used by them in every battle of the Prelude to war.

In GameEdit

The T-80 is only available once the player purchases Force Recon level 2. When requested, it will travel to the designated point and it will defend there until destroyed. Since it is a Tank, it is effective against out of cover Infantry, Transports, and Artillery at close range. It is weak against Gunships, out of range Artillery, and armed UAVs. Since the T-80 is deployed along side the GAZ Transport FAVs, they will be well protected against any enemy Gunship that tries to attack them.