Terrorist Irregulars are the engineer unit for the terrorist organisation, the Forgotten Army.


They are armed with OTs-14 Groza assault rifles, and missile launchers. They also carry pistols, have communication headsets and basic targeting assistance equipment over one of their eyes. The irregulars wear black clothing consisting of black BDU and trousers they also wear Kevlar body armor, balaclavas are worn to cover their faces.

They are not very well-equipped or trained and the one instance in the game when they are encountered during the attack on the Russian Minsk fusion plant they are easily defeated, making poor use of cover and the munitions they carry.



  • The term "Terrorist Irregulars" is coined by the Russians. The Forgotten Army's designation for these troops (if any) is unknown.
  • The trooper in the concept art is missing the actual rocket motors on his RPG-7 rockets.