Travis Preston
Motto "Stand and deliver."
Nationality Flag of the United States svg American
Organization Marines U.S. Marine Corps

Ghost-Recon-Logo Ghosts

Division JointStrikeForce Joint Strike Force
Infantry battalion 23rd Mechanized Battalion
Unit Preston symbol Ghosts
Rank First Lieutenant insignia Lieutenant
Appearances EndWar Online
Lieutenant Preston joined the Joint Strike Force in the closing months of the war, Joining the 23rd Mechanized Battalion at the height of the counteroffensive to retake New York. Preston and his platoon took part in the brutal street fighting across the city's outer boroughs and into Manhattan, quickly earning a reputation for courage and resourcefulness under fire. Experts in urban assault, the platoon, nicknamed The Shieldbreakers, withdrew with the surviving elements of the battalion when Washington was destroyed, and joined up with other units loyal to President Alvarez near Baltimore. Preston's platoon is equipped with cutting-edge sensor systems and carbon-fiber body armor that give them a powerful edge in dense, urban terrain.

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