V-120 Valkyrie
V-120 Valkyrie
Origin USA United States
Role Cargo Tiltrotor
Manufacturer Bell Helicopter
Boeing Rotorcraft Systems
Primary user Joint Strike Force
General characteristics
Length classified
Height classified
Armament classified
Engine classified

The V-120 Valkyrie is a tilt-rotor tactical transport aircraft. It is in use by the United States Joint Strike Force.


After the V-25 Goshawk was shown to be a success, a much larger, quad-rotor version of the aircraft was created. Christened the V-120 Valkyrie, it serves as the JSF's main heavy-lift transport aircraft. The V-120 Valkryie seems to have a modified fuselage of the C-130. It is often used to bring armored vehicles such as the M5A2, M118, M320, and the C1A5, into combat.



  • The V-120 is the largest transport craft in the game.
  • As with all heavy transports, it is unlikely that a V-120 would be able to carry four armored vehicles alone. However, this is no doubt included for gameplay reasons.
  • All other transports have airframe designs that have been used on real aircraft of somewhat comparable size. The Moller Scycar is probably the only quad tilt-engine craft.
  • The V-120's design is similar to the proposed Bell Boeing Quad TiltRotor.

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