V-25 Goshawk
V-25 Goshawk
Origin USA United States
Role Infantry Transport Aircraft
Manufacturer Bell Helicopter
Boeing Rotorcraft Systems
Primary user Joint Strike Force
General characteristics
Crew 4
Length 57.4 ft (17.5 m)
Width 84.7 ft (25.8 m)
Height 22.1 ft (6.73 m)
Loaded weight 21.5 tons
Armament 7.62 mm GAU-17 minigun
Engine 2 × Rolls-Royce Allison T406/AE 1107C- Liberty turboshafts, 6,150 hp (4,590 kW) each

The V-25 Goshawk is an infantry transport tiltwing aircraft in use by the United States Joint Strike Force.


After years of controversy and scrutiny, the tilt-rotor aircraft was finally perfected with the V-25 Goshawk. The first generation of this aircraft saw action throughout the Middle East and Afghanistan. The V-25 is the primary light/medium transport aircraft used by the JSF.

It  has little noticeable differences compared to the V22 . The only obvious ones would be the added fins right next to the wing rotors; and the fact that the wings seem to "fracture" into two parts during VTOL (unlike the V-22, which just changes its rotors positioning)

Design FeaturesEdit

  • Extra cockpit windows
  • Reinforced hull and plating in vital areas
  • Enhanced detection and electronic-countermeasures
  • Better flight controls that allow easier learning of aircraft maneuvering for pilots new to the aircraft.

This model has both the speed of a fast traveling plane and the versatility of a helicopter. This combination allows for a faster deployment of troops into the battlefield; in-game such speed is null. Like other aircraft , the V-25 GosHawk acquires the camo pattern that the battalion is wearing at the time.



  • The V-25 is based off the design for the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey.
  • The V-25 is the only tilt-rotor infantry transport in the game.
  • The V-25 and its cousin, the V-120 Valkyrie, are the only tilt wing aircraft in the game.

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