Nathan Vatz
Motto "Knock knock. Boom!"
Nationality Flag of the United States svg American
Organization AFD-081120-041 US Air Force
Division JointStrikeForce Joint Strike Force
Infantry battalion 121st Fighter Squadron
Unit Vatz symbol MH-90 Navaho
Rank Major Major
Appearances EndWar Online
Major Vatz was a JSF pilot stationed at Iglod Base in the northwest territory at the start of the war, and saw many of his fellow pilots shot down by Russian fighters during their invasion of Alaska and western Canada. Shot down himself, Vatz was able to eject and was eventually picked up by US Forces operating from Anchorage. After recovering from his injuries, Vatz returned to duty and flew countless sorties over Alaska in support of the 25th Tactical Battalion. His flight, part of the 121st fighter squadron, became the highest-scoring pilots of the Alaskan Theater, according for more than eighty Russian fixed-wing aircraft and thirty helicopters. When DC was nuked, Vatz's flight was tapped to escort Senator Alvarez from California for his swearing-in ceremony, and has remained at Langley Air Force Base ever since. Vatz and his elite pilots continue to fly missions against Continental Army and Confederate States aircraft and defense of the federal territories.

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