Всевелод Капалкин
ENDWAR Kapalkin
Nationality Russia Russian

Vsevolod Kapalkin is the incumbent President of Russia. He was first elected in May 2012 and his term of office will expire in May 2020 unless some catastrophic event should force him to invoke Emergency Powers. Kapalkin is focused and businesslike. To his peers he always seems a little bored, on the verge of annoyance. He is athletic and stays in shape by swimming and lifting weights daily.

He rules Russia in an iron grasp, making him hated by some Russians and even had was the target of a failed assassination attempt.

In the EndWar novel, he first appears talking to General Sergei Izotov about the kidnapping of Colonel Pavel Doletskya. He has "a pronounced jaw, penetrating eyes, and impeccably comed hair".

Trivia Edit

  • Kapalkin bears the name of his father Vsevolod (or Vsevelod), hence the patronym Vsevelodovich. Similarily to the current president of Russia, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin,who is also often accused of building a police state.